A COMMUNITY in Togo has access to clean water and toilets thanks to new homes being built in South Wales and the South West of England.

Ahead of World Water Day (March 22), Compassion UK revealed that almost 250 children have benefitted as a direct result of a partnership with the Edenstone Foundation.

The scheme has made a positive impact on the lives of those living in Kpele, in the Haho region of Togo, West Africa.

Martin Taylor, managing director of the Edenstone Group, which administers the foundation, said:

“World Water Day serves as a reminder than not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to clean water, which is something people in the UK tend to take for granted. We’re pleased to have helped improve conditions for people in Togo, one of the world’s least developed countries.

“This project has made a real difference to people’s lives and those living in Togo are elated at simply having access to safe water. Families no longer have to use the polluted river and children no longer have to miss school walking miles to collect dirty water.”

Compassion is the only overseas project supported by the Edenstone Foundation.

As part of a two-year partnership, the foundation has contributed to a new toilet block being installed at a child development centre and borehole drilled to provide clean water.

The construction process involved geophysical studies, followed by drilling and construction of the borehole’s scaffolding. Following this, handwashing facilities were installed, after which water analysis took place. A water tank was then installed to collect and store water. Finally, a solar-powered pumping system was installed, for pumping water from where the borehole stores it to where people can drink it.

Clare Hartley, from Compassion, said:

“Previously only 3% of Compassion-supported children in 21 communities in the Haho region of Togo had access to safe drinking water. This, along with a lack of access to clean sanitation facilities meant that at any one time 60% of children in these communities would be suffering from water-related diseases.

“Thanks to the support of partners such as the Edenstone Foundation we’ve been able to transform communities and change people’s standard of living.”

The Foundation receives a proportion of the proceeds of every home sold by the Edenstone Group to support communities and causes that help change lives

The Edenstone Group, based in Magor, is currently building and selling homes across South Wales and the South West of England including in Dinas Powys, Morriston, Lydney and Ross-on-Wye under the Bluebell Homes and Edenstone Homes brands.